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Terms Of Service

(Last Modified: 2-8-2011)

By accessing Ejbloo.com, also referred to here as the "Service", you agree that you will abide by the following Terms of this Service. This agreement constitutes a legal contract, and your use of Ejbloo.com is an acknowledgement that you agree to be legally bound by this contract. Ejbloo.com (hereinafter also referred to as "I", "us", "we", "our", "Administrators", "Administration", "Staff", and variations thereof) is a free Service, which is provided on an "as is" basis. Use of this service is completely voluntary, and you have the right to stop using this Service at any time.

These Terms Of Service are subject to change, and may change without prior notice, so it would be best to check back here from time to time. All future changes will take effect retroactively. The "Last Modified" date (seen above) near the top of the Terms Of Service page will always be indicative of the latest revision date.

If you disagree with current or future versions of the Terms Of Service, then you should not use Ejbloo.com. Ejbloo.com reserves the right to refuse service to any indivudal for any reason at any time. Continued use is an acknowledgment of continued agreement with the Terms Of Service. You must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to use the Ejbloo.com Service.

Disclaimers and Rights

While using Ejbloo.com, you agree that you will take full responsibility for any and all actions that you take on the website. In addition, you agree that Ejbloo.com and those associated with Ejbloo.com are not responsible for any negative repercussions that come about as a result of your use of this Service. You agree not to use Ejbloo.com in any sort of destructive way, and you agree not to use Ejbloo.com to break any laws, including but not limited to fraud and copyright infringment. If you use Ejbloo.com in a way that causes any problems, you agree that you are responsible for resolving those problems. You agree that you will not attempt to press charges against Ejbloo.com for any reason, and that you will not try to give the good good people at Ejbloo.com a hard time. We just want to create a fun and entertaining website.

You, the user, have the right to report content that you find to be inappropriate, by sending an e-mail to report@ejbloo.com. Upon receiving your e-mailed report, an Administrator will view what you have to say and act accordingly. Please know that it is possible that something you find to be inappropriate may be judged as appropriate, or vice versa. Ejbloo.com and Ejbloo.com Administrators reserve the right to make judgements about all site content, and will appropriate actions in response to user feedback.

Although this won't be necessary, 99.9% of the time, Ejbloo.com and the Ejbloo.com Staff reserve the right to remove or change any user-submitted content that is deemed to be inappropriate or violates the Terms Of Service. This includes, but is not limited to profile, EJPaint, EJPlay and EJStory content. In cases where it is deemed necessary, Ejbloo.com administrators also reserve the right to suspend or ban users order to protect the interests of other users, or when users violate the Terms Of Service. In order to maintain the integrity of the website, Ejbloo.com reserves the right to monitor user activity through the use of any content or information that is submitted to the site by users, and will properly investigate possible cases of illegal activity in State, Federal or International Law. This is done in an attempt to protect the site itself, the interests of site users, and to act in accordance with the Terms of Service. That said, Ejbloo.com does not have the ability nor is under the obligation to control all content during transmission to and from the Service. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all Content, information and data that you upload and transmit to the Service. Information and content found to be in violation of the Terms of Service and/or Content Submission Policy may be removed at any time without prior warning.

Registration And User Information:

Upon registration you agree that the information you provide is accurate, correct and complete. You must also ensure that this information is kept up-to-date and accurate for the lifetime of your membership. Failure to keep information up to date is a violation of the Terms of Service. This rule is particularly important with concerns to a user's email address, as this may be used to validate user information and may be used for security purposes. Email addresses are also necessary for resetting passwords on Ejbloo.com. Ejbloo.com cannot take responsibility for accounts lost due to inaccurate, false or forgotten information, compromised security, exploited site errors or user neglect.


All Paintings, Songs, Story Entries and other user-submitted content found on Ejbloo.com are considered to be copyright of the submitting user unless otherwise stated by said user. Submissions are bound by the Terms described in this document, detailed in the "Content Submission Policy" that appears later on. By submitting a painting, song, story entry, or other content, you, the User, agree to all the conditions listed in these Terms Of Service, particularly noting the terms in the Content Submission Policy section.

The Ejbloo name, code, graphics and non-user-submitted site content are the sole copyright of Ejbloo and Ejbloo.com Administrators unless otherwise stated. Please do not reproduce, distribute and/or display graphics or works belong to the Ejbloo.com Service without express permission.

Code of Conduct

By using the Ejbloo.com Service you agree to respect the rights, interests and opinions of the Staff and other Users of the Ejbloo.com community. These rights are enforced by the Ejbloo Administrators and Staff.

Upon using the site, you agree to not intentionally harass, disrupt or partake in slanderous doings against any User or Staff of the Service. In regards to this, you agree to not intentionally allow another User to come to be harassed, disrupted and/or slandered. You agree to obey the requests and guidelines laid down by the site Administrators, provided that these requests do not lead to another user being harassed, disrupted and/or slandered against. You and all other Users are granted the right to defend personal interests and opinions, provided that they comply with Administration requests and do not lead to any User being harassed, disrupted and/or slandered. Ejbloo.com takes these kinds of things seriously, and does not want to see anyone hurt.

If you see any harassment, disruption or slanderous material being posted in any form, please report the content to an Administration or Staff member by sending an e-mail to report@ejbloo.com.

We do not tolerate bigotry at Ejbloo.com. Bigotry is defined as including, but not being limited to, racist slurs, anti-Semitic insults and/or other derogatory remarks regarding philosophies, religions, beliefs, sexuality, race, gender or association. By using the site, you also agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where Ejbloo.com is hosted or International Law. Along with this, you agree that you will not partake in behavior that can be considered disruptive of the Ejbloo.com Service. "Disruptive" behavior includes, but is not limited to, conduct that purposefully interrupts or alters the normal flow of website use. When using Ejbloo.com, you also agree to not exploit bugs, undocumented features, design errors or other problems concerning Ejbloo.com. If you find any site bugs, please report these to Ejbloo.com administrators by submitting a bug report form at http://www.ejbloo.com/report_a_bug.php. Ejbloo.com cannot guarantee that bug fixes will be made in a timely manner, but will attempt to fix problems as soon as reasonably possible.

User Protection And Enforcement Policy

The Ejbloo.com Staff reserve the right to uphold the policies set forth in the Terms of Service and Submissions Agreement in order to protect the interests of the Service. This includes, but is not limited to, property theft, identity theft, dog theft, harassment, defacement, piracy and other illegal activities.

Ejbloo.com is committed to fair use and equal treatment of all Users. Suspected violations of the Terms of Service and/or Content Submission Policy will be investigated fully before action is taken. Users are expected to follow all reasonable requests made by members of the site Staff. All international and intellectual property laws apply on Ejbloo.com and related Services. Violation of these laws may result in civil fines and/or imprisonment, depending on the laws of your individual country. Ejbloo.com must enforce the rules of the Service against all violations of the Terms Of Service and Content Submission Policy.

Users found to be in violation of the Terms of Service may have modifications made to their accounts to rectify and/or remove any violations. This includes but is not limited to removal or editing of submitted content, and/or a suspension or ban from the website. Repeated violations of the Terms Of Service may result in the permanent suspension of rights to use Ejbloo.com.

Privacy Policy

As most other websites will tell you, your privacy is very important to us. We really mean that. Ejbloo.com is committed to safeguarding all data and information provided by Users to the Ejbloo.com Service. Please know that Ejbloo.com will NEVER sell or distribute your personal information to a third party, except when required by law. There are only two reasons why Ejbloo.com would ever be forced to divulge user information: (1) For the purposes of investigating an illegal activity, and (2) in cases when the law legally mandates disclosure to recognized authorities. Ejbloo.com must conform with legal requirements of this sort to the full extent of the law, both international and local, and must comply with any and all legal processes served upon Ejbloo.com, it's Administrators, Staff and/or related Services. At the same time, of course, Ejbloo.com reserves the right to protect and defend our own legal rights and property (both intellectual and physical), the Ejbloo.com Service, related Services, our Users and Copyright. Ejbloo.com also reserves the right to take action regarding illegal activities, including but not limited to suspected fraud, copyright infringement, threats and/or situations potentially risking the physical safety of the Service's Users and/or their property (both intellectual and physical).

It is also important to know that the Administration and Staff will NEVER ask you for your password. Do not give your password to anyone. It is your own responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your account information and it is important to realize that that harm, loss and modification of content can result from the voluntary distribution of your account information. Ejbloo.com cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or distress caused by your actions. Additionally, although Ejbloo.com may attempt to recover content lost as a result of an account breach, site bug, or hacking attempt, the site and its staff are under no obligation to do so and unfortunately cannot guarantee that any attempt will be successful.

Data Collection

Ejbloo.com reserves the right to collect any information that is submitted to the site by users and their browsers. By registering an account on Ejbloo.com, you willingly submit personal information regarding your identity (including, but not limited to your e-mail address), and this information is verified for accuracy whenever possible. In addition to this actively-submitted information, your web browser may automatically transmit your IP address and referring URL (which would be readily visible to any website that you visit) and these may be collected for security and site statistic purposes as well. Along with this, Ejbloo.com makes use of Sessions and Cookies (both standard web technologies) to support the persistence of data between pages. Sessions allow a site to store persistent data securely on a server rather than in the form of Cookies. Cookies, in this case, are used for the purposes of keeping users logged into the site and forums (until you log out or the cookies expire), and occasionally to enhance your site experience by displaying or hiding user interface elements and notifications. No sensitive data is actually stored in these Cookies. A Session is started when a user (logged-in or not) accesses Ejbloo.com. Ejbloo.com Sessions rely on a persistent session id, which is stored as Session Cookie on a user's computer in order to maintain a static session ID while that user visits the site. This session ID, along with your login information, is securely stored on the Ejbloo.com server when you use the web site. Robust precautions are taken to ensure that your data is kept safe, and stored database passwords are encrypted through the use of one-way hashing algorithms.

Ejbloo.com, its Administrators and Staff cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information being submitted to the Service, and we reserve the right to terminate User accounts on the basis of suspected submission of fraudulent information. Ejbloo.com also reserves the right to use any information, data and content submitted to the Service in order to further improve the usage of the Ejbloo.com website, services provided by Ejbloo.com and related services. This information will not be made public, or given to third parties, and is used purely for improving Ejbloo.com. All user data, email addresses and information submitted will be retained by Ejbloo.com and will NOT be resold and/or distributed to any external organization, unless mandated by law. Information such as your e-mail address, password and IP address will remain private and will NOT be displayed publicly. It is important to be aware, however, that that any information that you make publicly visible on your profile and/or in submissions will be visible to all site visitors (logged in or not). You, and you alone, are responsible for the information that you voluntarily post on publicly viewable pages.

Service Availability

Ejbloo.com aims to maintain maximum possible uptime for the Service, however you acknowledge that this will not always be possible. Ejbloo.com and related services are provided on an "as is" basis, and Ejbloo.com reserves the right to modify, suspend and/or discontinue the Service or any feature of the Service without prior notice.

You agree that Ejbloo.com will not be liable for any modification, suspension or loss resulting from the discontinuation or unavailability of the Service.

Storage Policy

Ejbloo.com provides free online storage of Content uploaded by registered Users of the Service. You acknowledge and agree that the Service may change this policy without prior notice. Of course, any storage policy changes will be announced in such a manner that the Ejbloo.com community as a whole would become aware of the changes. Ejbloo.com reserves the right to modify and/or establish limits on accounts concerning the usage of the Service; including but not limited to upload limits and/or data storage quotas.

Content Submission Policy

By submitting content on Ejbloo.com, you confirm that you understand and agree to the Terms Of Service, including the Content Submission Policy terms and conditions.

Upon submitting content to Ejbloo.com, you grant the website non-exclusive rights to transmit, store, display, modify, perform and publish any submission within the boundaries of the site's domain (www.ejbloo.com), as well as in an external context for promotional purposes (i.e. in Ejbloo.com advertisements), though we'll generally ask you first. Submissions may not be uploaded with intent to harass and/or harm another individual. In addition, submissions must be of your own creation unless otherwise expressly allowed by the original artist. All sources, including but not limited to samples, references and/or copyright, should be appropriately cited and credited within the submission's description. Ejbloo.com reserves the right to remove submissions that do not comply with the Content Submission Policy. By uploading a submission, you agree that any and all information in the submission description is truthful and accurate, and that you are responsible for any negative consequences that come about as a result of your submission.

When using EJPaint or EJStory, by submitting any Content that can be identified as mature in nature, you acknowledge that you are legally eighteen (18) years of age or older and agree that you will mark the image as "mature" upon submission. The "This painting contains mature content" checkbox is clearly visible above the post and save buttons in the EJPaint application, and is a clearly defined EJStory option. Failure to identify a "mature" painting as such may result in a modification of the mature rating or the removal of the submission without prior notice. Repeated offenses can lead to account suspensions or bans. Users under the age of eighteen (18) are not allowed to submit mature content.

Even with this mature rating option available, viewers of EJPaint paintings and EJStory stories must still acknowledge that it is possible that they may encounter content that they find to be offensive. By using EJPaint, EJPlay, EJStory and Ejbloo.com in general, viewers accept this possibility, and will not hold Ejbloo.com responsible for any unpleasant content that they are exposed to. Among other things, this includes exposure to content of a violent or sexual nature, exposure to really bad art, and exposure to unflattering shades of lime green.

Additionally, it must be noted that Ejbloo.com is NOT a place for drawing pornographic images or anything of an explicit or obscene nature. These types of things are not allowed on Ejbloo.com. Posting pornographic (or unnecessarily inappropriate or offensive) images is a good way to get your images removed, and can lead to an account ban. Ejbloo.com isn't the place for that kind of stuff. I'm sure there are other sites that allow or encourage that kind of art, but this isn't one of them. The mature label, in EJPaint and EJStory, is intended to provide artists and writers with greater creative freedom while protecting those who are more easily offended, but not meant to encourage the creation of pornographic, overly graphic, hateful or obscene submissions.

Images marked as mature will not appear to users who do not wish to view those images, and the "View Mature Images" option is turned off by default. Users who wish to view these kinds of images can make them visible by clicking the "Click Here To Show Mature Images" button in the profile "Settings" tab. By enabling the viewing of mature images, you acknowledge that you are over the age of 18, or that it is legal for you to view mature images in your country. Ejbloo.com is not responsible for intentional falsification of this type of information.

By using the Ejbloo.com Service, you agree that the Ejbloo.com Administrators and Staff are not liable for any content or information transmitted by you to the Ejbloo.com Service. You accept that any Content uploaded to Ejbloo.com and related services is done of your own free will and that you are fully responsible for any consequences that may occur as a result of your submission. You agree that Ejbloo.com, as well as its Administrators and Staff, are in no way responsible for any damages or loss incurred as a result of uploading to the Service.

Submissions uploaded to Ejbloo.com shall not violate the laws of the United States of America, be it local, State or Federal, and shall not violate international laws. Copyright is to be respected, maintained and credited at all times. If a copyright holder has the legal grounds to request that a particular content item be removed (keeping Fair Use in mind), Ejbloo.com will comply.

Ejbloo.com promises to do all that it can, within reason, to protect information, content and intellectual property on Ejbloo.com and related services. Any and all actions made by the Administration and Staff against a submission will be done with non-bias and fair treatment. Users may dispute Administrative actions if they feel they have been made in error, however disputes must be made through the proper channels (such as an email to an administrator) and must done in a civil manner. Harassment of Staff and/or Administrators is not tolerated and can result in a suspension or ban.

Ejbloo.com retains the right to modify the terms set forth in the Terms Of Service at any time without prior warning. All changes to the Submissions section, as well as the Terms Of Service as a whole, are retroactive. Users have the full right to terminate this Terms Of Service contract at any time, and disagreement with changes made to this document resulting in the termination of this contract will not yield a grace period. Users who no longer agree with the Terms Of Service must stop logging in and submitting content immediately, and any logins, submissions or site visits made after terminating the contract will be considered a continued or re-acceptance of the contract in its form at the time of termination and at the present time.

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