Created: 6-21-2011
Last Modified: 6 years ago
An Action Packed Story About Action Packed Times

This story is about ACTION and MORE ACTION! I can't believe how much ACTION is involved! (Also, the main character's name is Kent Action.)

Notes To Other Story Contributors:
Please go for an actiony action style. Lots of action, too.

Started By: Ejbloo

Genre: Action/Adventure   Rating: E (Everyone)

Language: English    Entry Character Limit: 400    Numbr Of Entries: 8

Allow Contributors: Yes

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Entry #1 by Ejbloo
7 years ago
It was a dark night...filled with a while lot of darkness. Then a duck flying out of a pond...ACTION APPEARED! "Whoa..." Kent Action said. "I'm glad I got out of that pond. If that duck hadn't appeared, I don't know what I would have done." Kent Action looked around for Danger, but saw nothing. "Boo!" Rick Danger shouted. "Nice!" Action said. "Thanks!" Danger replied.
Entry #2 by Okapi
7 years ago
Action ran; Danger chased him, and the game was on. No one quite knows how this game of cat-and-mouse began--I attribute it to Tom and Jerry, (but that's another story). Action dodged and jumped and swam. Danger followed burning, skipping, and water-skiing just a horse's length behind.
Entry #3 by Okapi
7 years ago
Kent ran so far he ran out of time, but he had turned the wrong way, so when he came to a rotary, he somersaulted and ran back in time. It's amazing he didn't get lost. Rick was waiting for him around the corner. Action slipped under the radar, but he fell much farther. He fell until he was flying, which is a very long way to fall. He flew through the next few paragraphs until he lost sight of Danger.
Entry #4 by Ejbloo
7 years ago
"Danger, Danger!" the Robinson Robot shouted, then introducing himself to the reader. "There's no time for any of this! There's a crime afoot!" "Crime?" Danger asked. "Crime is my middle name." "Rick Crime Danger," the robot confirmed. "I will retain this new information." "Good." "But Mr. Danger, we really must run. It would absolutely criminal not to. You see, the D'Amelie Vase has been stolen!"
Entry #5 by Ejbloo
7 years ago
"And the same goes for you, Mr. Action!" the robot added. "Kent is fine," Kent Action replied. "Noted." "So what's the plan?" Danger interrupted. "And this...uh...D'Amelie vase? Where was it last seen?" Kent scratched his head. "I've never even heard of this thing." "And is it valuable?!" Action said. "I like valuable things!" "Valuable? Yes, very valuable" the robot said. "But it's also cursed..."
Entry #6 by Okapi
7 years ago
"Then we must retrieve it!" exclaimed Action punching the air. "I will start drawing up a plan," Danger added. "Mr. Danger, Mr. Kent, don't you want to hear about the curse?" the robot reasoned. "But you just told us," said Danger.
Entry #7 by Ejbloo
7 years ago
Having given the air a good beating, Action turned his attention toward a massive dry erase board that seemingly came out of nowhere. "Where did that come from?" he asked. "What? This?" Danger asked. "Oh, I don't know. But it sure is convenient to have." "Indeed!" the Robinson Robot said. "Yes...yes...this will work..." Danger said, gradually drawing up his plan. "It has to work..."
Entry #8 by joezone_org
6 years ago
"Do we have a green marker?" inquired Rick Danger.
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