Created: 11-22-2010
Last Modified: 7 years ago
The Girl and the Dumpling Tree

A mythical adventure about Marissa and her dumpling tree.

Notes To Other Story Contributors:
I wrote this with help from the boys in my support group. Hope you enjoy!

Started By: Maxim121

Genre: Action/Adventure   Rating: E (Everyone)

Language: English    Entry Character Limit: 5000    Numbr Of Entries: 1

Allow Contributors: Yes

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Entry #1 by Maxim121
7 years ago
One bright Monday morning, when she was coming home from school, Marissa was walking through the woods. She was walking the way she usually walked, past the church... but today, she decided she would walk the wrong way. The forest got very dark as she continued down the path. What felt like hours later, she saw something mysterious in the distance. She was scared, but she decided to walk towards it. And then she saw it... "Hmm, what a mysterious looking tree, she thought." It was as tall as the eye could see. And it was filled with dumplings! They were everyone. on the leaves, in the branches, on the ground... dumplings everywhere! Suddenly, a giant dumpling came plunging down, and knocked her square in the head... and everything went dark! "Are you okay?" she heard someone say? Marissa opened her eyes, and she saw her friend, Alicia. "What are you doing here, Marissa? And what happened to you?" Marissa couldn't remember at all. In fact, she couldn't remember anything! She had lost her memory! "Amnesia!" Then Alicia said, "You didn't eat any of these dumplings, did you?" TO BE CONTINUED!!!
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