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EJPaint Keyboard Shortcut Key Info:
(Note: You'll have to click somewhere in the application first in order to give it keyboard focus.)

b: Standard Brush - Just your regular ol' run-of-the mill brush.
e: Eraser - This erases stuff.
f: Fill Tool - Fills in closed areas with your currently selected brush color.
i: Eye Dropper - Changes your brush settings to match the color and opacity of whatever canvas point you click on.
x: Draw Behind Brush - Draws behind currently existing brush strokes (good for coloring in line art and cleaning up fills).

z: Undo your last brush stroke or fill.
shift+z or y: Redo what you've undone.

•Hold shift to draw a straight horizontal or vertical line.
•Press - and = to decrease and increase your brush size.
•Press [ and ] to decrease and increase your brush opacity.
•Press ; and ' to decrease and increase your brush blur.

Note: The EJPaint application must have browser focus for these shortcuts to work. If they don't work, try clicking on the canvas or in one of the option menus.
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