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It's a car! It's a plane! It's both of those things!
July 7, 2011, 12:53 PM
Terrafugia Flying Car Do you have $250,000 just lying around? Maybe it's burning a hole in your pocket? While my first instinct is to compliment you on your impressively large pocket, it would probably be best if you attend to that fire. You want to have children one day, right? No? Well that explains your excess funds then, doesn't it? No future college tuition for you to worry about! Now...if you're looking to spend your copious amounts of cash on something fancy, have I got an item for you! It's called the "Transition," and it's a car that turns into a plane! Or a plane that turns into a car! Or a truck that turns into Optimus Prime! (Though maybe that's something else altogether.) From Physorg:
The Transition is able to move between the sky and road by making use of push-button retractable wings that narrow the plane enough to allow it to fit on standard roads...It has room for a pilot and one passenger and also has airbags and utilizes an energy absorbing crumple zone similar to that used in many cars. Also, like race cars, it has a carbon fiber safety cage in case of rollovers.
Oh man...a carbon fiber safety cage. I love those. I actually sleep in a carbon fiber safety cage. It's like a security blanket, except it's a cage. It's a SECURITY CAGE. Having received approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration, Terrafugia (the Transition's manufacturer) expects to start shipping this land-and-air vehicle to customers by next year. They estimate that it'll cost around $250,000, though that price might change. But for just $10, can reserve one right now! Sources: 1. Flying car 'Transition' gets road approval from NHTSA [Physorg] 2. Transition First Flight Image 3. Terrafugia Website
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