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Japanese Robotic Arms Make Eating Food Easier
March 23, 2011, 10:03 PM
Eating food is difficult. Always has been, and up until this point, I thought it always would be. Fortunately, someone has finally found a solution to this problem. Chukyo University student Isao Wakabayashi, through the use of a Robix robot kit, has created two voice-activated robotic arms that can use a utensil to pick up various types of food. Check out the video below! I'm assuming that if I were to put my face (and mouth) where the bowl in that video is, the robot would feed me too. Eh...maybe I'll let someone else try that out first. Sources: 1. Voice-controlled Japanese robot assists with eating, makes veggies more fun (video) [Engadget]
Tags: Robots, Food
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