Current Comic
Adventures Of Abe
A comic about a familiar presidental-ish character named Abe. Abe was just sucked into a mysterious vortex! What will happen next? I hope to eventually find out!

Other Comics
Amazing Comic -3
The unauthorized prequel to the unauthorized prequel to the 100% completely authorized prequel (I think that's right) that started it all. This was the original Amazing Comic. In this comic, readers voted on what happened each week. This is where Bob, the angry man who got angry about everything, was first introduced.

Amazing Comic -2
This is the unauthorized prequel to Amazing Comic -1 (the unauthorized prequel to Amazing Comic).

Amazing Comic -1
This is the unauthorized prequel to Amazing Comic. It's unauthorized by me, the author. The plot and characters in this comic have very little to do with the actual comic called Amazing Comic. Think of this as an entirely random brainstorming/character development session.

Amazing Comic
Who is Bob Stewart, the main character in Amazing Comic? Oh, I guess I just answered that question. I don't know why or how, but this comic gradually turned into a parody of a well known book series.

Cats On Stilts
This is a mostly episodic comic about cats who use stilts in different situations. Cats and stilts go together like two things that go together very well.

The Cats On Stilts Holiday Special
If you like Cats On Stilts, then you'll probably also like the Cats On Stilts Holiday special!

Dmitry The Unshapely Blog
For an individual without a defined shape, Dmitry sure knows how to hold his own.
This comic ended up being...too random. I have several additional sketches of later Dmitry comics... but they're too random too.

Ejbloo Comic
I've always wanted to make an episodic comic. And that's what this is! In this comic, I draw things that entertain me. I hope that they entertain you too.

Public Domain Comic
These comics are derived from images in the public domain that are free to use and not restricted by copyright. Woohoo! Probably kind of random, but hopefully somewhat entertaining.

All of the posters that you see here came from the Northwestern University Library, and can be found at:

Richard The Magnificent
This is a comic about a puppy named Richard who rejects living an ordinary life. He wants to do great things that ordinary puppies cannot do. He wants to be...magnificent! I'm not sure exactly where I want to go with this comic, but when I do, I'll continue with the story. I started a while back, thinking that I knew where I wanted to go, and then couldn't figure out what to do. Instead of ruining it by pushing forward anyway, I decided to just leave it in an incomplete state. I hope to continue with it one day. The slightly different coloring style was fun to work with.

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